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If you want to hear about global warming at the next presidential debate, follow this link and vote for the great question about climate change that an LCV member has already submitted to Google.

LCV member,

Vote for a climate question on google

"What actions will you take to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?"

Vote for this question to be asked at the presidential town hall debate by clicking on the check mark here >>

I’m just as disappointed as you that moderator Jim Lehrer did not ask President Obama and Governor Romney about climate change during the debate – especially since 160,000 climate activists, including more than 78,000 LCV members, signed petitions urging him to do so.

But we’re not giving up because addressing the climate crisis is too urgent of an issue to leave out of the debates. Fortunately, for the next debate, we’ve got an opportunity to directly submit questions.

The October 16th debate between President Obama and Governor Romney is a town hall forum – and Google is now accepting questions from the public. The Commission on Presidential Debates will give a selection of questions submitted online to CNN’s Candy Crowley, who will be moderating the debate.

Fran Steidle, an LCV member from Florida has already submitted a great climate question to Google: “What actions will you take to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?” Because the questions that receive the most votes are the ones most likely to be asked during the debate, we’re asking all of our supporters to vote for Fran’s question.

Will you vote for Fran’s climate change question? Follow this link and click on the check mark in the box to the right of the question to demand that this gets asked at the next presidential debate.

Fran, a mother of two living in the coastal county of Volusia, Florida, told us why she wants to hear a question about climate change at the presidential debates:

“We live in a state where climate change isn't some theoretical issue – it’s a very real threat. Not only are we likely to see more dangerous hurricanes and greater erosion of our beaches because of climate change, but projections show that rising sea-levels will literally put much of this flat and sandy state under water. Environmental stewardship and the future of our children shouldn't be a matter of political debate. It should be a priority and a point of national pride.”

Will you support Fran’s efforts to get climate change raised at the town hall debate by voting for her question now?

Just use the link above to see Fran’s question and click the check mark under the words “Good question?” to let Google know that you stand with her. (Please note that you’ll need to sign in to a Google account in order to vote.)

There is no doubt that there are vast differences between President Obama and Governor Romney. The millions of voters watching this next debate deserve to hear what steps these candidates would take to reduce harmful global warming pollution. So I hope you’ll take a moment now to help us demonstrate how many voters want to hear about climate change at the next debate! 


Vanessa Kritzer
Online Campaigns Manager
League of Conservation Voters

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